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Default What would you like for a next generation X-Men game?

I didn't know where to post this really but I thought who else is going to want to post about it more than the X-Fans

I was watching trailers for lots of next gen games coming for xbox one and ps4 and was considering if/when we ever get another x-men game what would everyone want it to be like?

For me I was really taken with the new game "the division" from ubisoft. For me I actually really liked the wolverine origins game and I love most x-games this far really. But I thought perhaps its about time to get a game with really good graphics for something like X-Men that is open world. Imagine Storm flying over New york calling other X-Men in battling sentinels, Nightcrawler teleporting through streets and rogue smashing through buildings. Imagine a dark phoenix saga in game where a city can be leveled.

I just think its time to get away from the usual lego games, the beat em ups and the xml/mua styles ( Believe me I still really want XML).

If they made it as a multiplayer game where you could play with say 6 people in a game but could pick from a large array of characters and kept it RPG styled where you progress so you feel like you are growing as a character it would be epic.

I dunno I just wanted to get peoples views on it as I never see it discussed anywhere.

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