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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 2

Originally Posted by Uskok View Post
You misunderstood me completely, not that I'm surprised because some people need some time to recognize irony. Yes, Killian was the evil Big Kahuna, he was the terrorist, but he never planned to call himself the Mandarin. In his plans, the Mandarin was the name for the phantom terrorist that the government would chase and never find. Yes, he had an army of Extremis soldiers at his disposal, but they called him Killian, Aldrich, Mister Killian, boss, or whatever else, but they never called him the Mandarin. Killian's "Mandarin persona" was just a fictional character even for Killian, because he had no idea that the Mandarin was very real. The translation of his entire "I-am-the-Mandarin" talk is very simple, and it goes like this: "You said you wanted the terrorist responsible for all the s.h.i.t that happened this week... you're looking right at him. It was always me Tony, right from the start. I am that terrorist!"
that's one way to interpret it. i, personally interpret it, as follows.

Killian/A.I.M = Bruce Wayne

Mandarin = Batman

A villain is just a man lost in the scramble for his own gratification. He can be destroyed, or locked up. But if you make yourself more than just a man, if you devote yourself to an ideal, and if they can't stop you, then you become something else entirely.

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