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Default Re: The Wonder Woman Costume Thread - Part 6

I'll post again for this thread.
Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
You say it should have been done long ago...but we've seen variations on the classic design before that are very similar to those. These aren't new concepts neccessarily, it's just that in comics, the preference is for traditional depictions more than anything else.
True but that is the look that DC have been promoting most and want to be the main look the general populace associate with WW. The 1960's version of the character is still on lunch boxes, t-shirts and generally everything WW related. They aren't trying to make a "new look" the norm like Marvel did years ago and upgraded what people generally associated (the 90's look) to their more modern version for promotion of the characters.

Originally Posted by king666 View Post
Hey remember that time when you and a lot of other dudes who don't want the panties were bashing on every panties costume, saying stuff like "the panties costume looks ridiculous" and "she looks like a stripper", etc?

honestly, I don't care about panties, pants, straps, skirts, boots, etc. I just want her to look like Wonder Woman. When I watch this movie I want to see Wonder Woman.
Who said childishness was only exclusive with one side? I did not nor did I imply such. My point is that if we are asked questions we can back up our arguments with facts that reinforce our statements. It feels like everyone who likes the briefs says it's just because of personal preference rather than anything logically deducible from evidence and will be angry at you for giving a different standpoint. We might both be passionate to a fault but some aren't really being articulate and making it hard to take their opinions seriously.

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