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Default Re: The Wonder Woman Costume Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by John-An View Post
No problem

check this other on the shoulder and straps make the look pretty ancient pretty Themyscira. look at the points between the plates to give them an articulated mobility.
I like the upper body armor. It actually looks protective.

Originally Posted by John-An View Post

I don't know you but I'm with the short one. It's really great.
Check the comparisson and share with us what do you think?
I think I like the second one more, but both are nice. Cute drawings too.

Originally Posted by horrorwriter View Post
I vote for wild crazy armor. Something that's a touch gladiator, a touch witchblade, a touch patriotic, and all the same somehow sexy. Something that can't be seen as from the past or the future.
Oddly enough, I like that angle, especially that ambiguous age idea. Seems appropriate for her society somehow.
Originally Posted by John-An View Post

a bit longer skirt IMO. The straps here looks on place of the costume if you ask me and it gives the look of simple but also warrior.
With a bit longer skirt, this is good. Love the eagle.
Originally Posted by The Guard View Post
I'm sorry, but straps running up the middle of her breasts doesn't exactly draw attention away from the breasts. Which was the issue the straps were proposed to combat in the first place, yes?
The straps aren't usually in the middle of the breasts, but on the sides. They're more to lift the top up and prevent breasts spilling out. They give a more practical look for a physically active character.

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