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Default Re: The Wonder Woman Costume Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by Majik1387 View Post
Other than it being a fashion choice I disagree with, again, there's no breast support most of the time. Also, I was not a fan of JL: War. WW didn't look right with her chest so covered up yet sporting arm warmers.

Also, to whoever thought straps were supposed to distract from the breasts, get it right; They're there to help the breasts, not distract from them.
I agree about the support issue, but the halter doesn't have to look like the JL war outfit. The neckline could still be open. JL war made the halter into a turtle neck for some reason. To be honest, that costume was off-balance. It covered areas that should be visible, like the neck and arms while exposing areas like the upper thighs that should be covered ideally.

Regardless, shoulder straps are better for support.

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