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Default Re: The Wonder Woman Costume Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by Jekecy View Post
Practicality doesn't always take precedence when adapting iconic outfits. More often than not it tends to take the backseat and only appear when the design elements have been established.

Personally I'd prefer they do without it, but it's not something I'm particularly stressed about at all. And I'm usually a stickler for stuff like this.

Capes are a far more cumbersome accessory, but we've readily accepted it on the likes of Supes and Bats for the better part of this century. Straps or no straps, I don't presume the audience cares enough to notice.
Straps are important. They give the impression that someone would go into battle in that outfit. That matters, I think. Plus, they don't take away from a design. If they were something large or ugly, I would say leave them out. But they're a little thing that says "this outfit is made for a warrior, not a model that just stands there looking pretty."

But I see your point and I'm sure many don't care. To me, they make a difference.

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