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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I'm betting this another film with the OT cast

First Class (FC cast) - The Wolverine - Days of Future Past (cross-over with the OT cast)
Apocalypse (FC cast) - Wolverine 3 - Mystery film (cross-over with the Ot cast again?)

I can see the pattern.
I totally agre with that. let's put it this way we don't know if FC cast will commit to another film after Apocalypse.Yeah they could do it without magneto and Mystique but they lose the biggest stars of FC.And then your risking things on new actors who come into franchise with Apocalypse and hope that James Mcavoy will resign for fourth film. But,you have OT cast who have shown they are willing to return. And then you need a real hook coming after avengers 3-which may be final film for Robert DOwney JR and possible others and Th AMazing Spider-man 4-although it's possable there will be a recast here but it's still spider-man film with OT cast members crossing with cast of FF you have the hook.

It's possable Hugh jackman will sit out Apocalypse except for a cameo Like FC which could be In mid or post credit scene tying into next wolverine film like the wolverine did for DOFP but they would defently want him for X-Men/FF event.Although with APocalypse coming out after third cap,whatever the Superman/Batman film Is called,facing alice In WOnderland 2,and having to make impression before Amazing Spider-man 3 opens you can't rule out trying to get Hugh In film.

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