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Default Re: Superman Returns Appreciation Thread

I must have missed this particular article, 'cause this is the first time I am hearing anything related to McG's "Superman - FlyBy" and Brandon Routh's screen test.


With Man Of Steel becoming a high flying box office success and Henry Cavill at the forefront of The Brothers Warner reimagining of the Superman mythos, I am sure some of have forgotten about Superman Returns and the previous owner of the red cape, Brandon Routh.

Routh's career didn't necessarily soar after Superman Returns, but the actor is set for the rest of his life financially and is doing what he loves, acting. I personally thought he was solid in the role of Superman/Clark Kent and was looking forward to more, but am more than pleased I was able to enjoy two different Superman films in the past 8 years.

The career paths of Cavill and Routh are forever intertwined since both screen tested for the role of Superman during McG's Superman: Flyby pre-production in 2004. When that project unraveled Bryan Singer cast Brandon Routh in Superman Returns and Henry Cavill ended up as Superman years later in Man Of Steel. Can you imagine a world where the roles were reversed? Think about it.

We already gave you a glimpse at Henry Cavill's Superman: Flyby Screen Test and below is a shot from Brandon Routh's screen test. This screen shot gives us a more complete look at the suit. Note what looks like a red belt. The Flyby suit screams action figure and Routh certainly looks the part. The screen test was only months before his test for Superman Returns which you can compare and contrast below.
This suit is miles better than the Superman Returns suit !

Cavill also gave a screen test for the same movie, which many people must have heard by now.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:


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