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Default Re: Early Thor Darkworld box-office predictions - Part 2

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
While there are a few that's very vocal about their dislike I don't think you can really say that TDW is a negative in this franchise. When you look at audience scores around the web it's only The Avengers and Iron Man that has better, and it also sits high when compared against all comic book movies. So apart from critics (mainly American critics from the looks of it) it's been received very well.
Like I said, I enjoyed it (even more than the first one). But judging by these various forums it seems we are in the minority. Of course the WW box office says it was a big hit....but when you travel these various forums TDW is bashed much more than praised. That's fine, everyone has their expectations and tastes when it comes to these movies....but i do have to admit it gets depressing to come to all these different forums to get updates on all the new movies coming (that I'm excited to see) and if posters refer to TDW it is usually in a negative way.
Jeez.....I honestly don't think Marvel stunk the house out....I took it for what it was meant to be a fun movie that you can't try and think too hard about, you just sit back and enjoy the adventure....just my 2cts.

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