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Default Re: Marvel Heroes to start tomorrow and prices for heroes revealed

Don't Fear the Reaper Week-Long Event!


Hey all -
We're having a very special event this week. For starters, we're leaving the 50% RIF, SIF, and XP server-side bonuses turned on until next Tuesday at 11:59 PDT. Additionally, we'll be having some very special promotions in the in-game store throughout the week.
But the main event is the Don't Fear the Reaper rotating bonus event.
From now until Tuesday evening, not only will the bonuses be running, but we will be enhancing loot in Terminals (all), Midtown, X-Defense, and Holo-Sim rewards on a rotating schedule!

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As a note: the game will likely be coming down for an update this week. This will not impact the schedule. The livetuning will continue as scheduled.

Ryan 'Ryolnir' Collins
Community Manager

source: marvel heroes forums

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