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Translated by google

"It was a headache" , recognizes the director of blockbuster. was pregnant Halle Berry, Ian McKellen was The Hobbit, Peter Dinklage Game of Thrones, Hugh Jackman had to leave 15 days for the promotion of Wolverine ... "

The event of the day in Hollywood, this is the launch of the new trailer for X-Men Days of Future Past . Luckily, the mutants will cover the next issue of First -in kiosks next week and Bryan Singer gave a long interview to the magazine. Pending its release, here's the long answer to the first question posed by Mathieu Carratier:

The genesis of the film had to be pretty special because you had to make sure the presence of the actors before they can even write the script ...

We already knew that we would have the "young" cast because they are under contract for several films. After that, there were two absolutely essential people: Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen . Once their agreement obtained, we could actually start the project. I wanted it to be Hugh (Jackman) who travels in the past because it was the only one to play his character both times because Wolverine does not age.

The shoot reminded me of the Usual Suspects . Hugh was shot with the old cast and Hugh with youth. On Usual Suspects, I started by turning the whole part of the interview with Dan Hedaya , Chazz Palminteri , Giancarlo Esposito , before I address the flashbacks. Only Kevin Spacey remained, suddenly, and said goodbye to the players before the suspects - Gabriel Byrne , Benicio Del Toro ... - do not join the board. A strangely similar experience with how it turned Days of Future Past . Hugh was immediately excited when I told him about the concept, beyond the fact that we were excited to work together again. He agreed immediately, as the rest of the players.

The main concern was to provide schedules of everyone in the end. My first assistant, who has yet worked on huge movies like Avatar , had never experienced such a headache. Usually, you have up to three players who have "restrictions" as they say. Here we had seven ... Halle Berry , who was pregnant, was only available for a limited duration hyper, Patrick and Ian played a theater in London, Ian was also The Hobbit , Evan Peters , who plays Quicksilver was in parallel with American Horror Story , Peter Dinklage on Game Of Thrones ... It was also free Jennifer Lawrence at a time so that it turns the next Hunger Games . Besides Hugh, who has been absent for two weeks in the middle of filming for the promotion of Wolverine . He had constantly juggle the demands of each.

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