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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Originally Posted by def28 View Post
Your "we don't need any movie" argument is just as (if not more) unconvincing. We litteraly don't need this movie to move the X-Men storyline forward or the F4. If you want to go into detail on how it would be better then doing other solos for the characters and X-Men fans then please do. But mashing them together is not required to tell their stories, nor will it ever be. People want more X-Men focus not less, and solo movies without other superheros taking up their screen time are required for that. Fnatstic Four only have 4 key members to focus on. They will have plenty of time in their own film to get their focus. X-Men on the other hand have dozens of key members, who need as many films as possible in order to get their shared time. It's the biggest complaint with the franchise. So why make it worse?

You want it? That's fine. But People don't need to be sheep and just accept everything a studio throws at us. Especially when the F4 will have had their time in 2 films and we are still waiting for solid screen time/introductions on numerous key X-men and X-Force members.

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