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Default Re: Marvel Heroes to start tomorrow and prices for heroes revealed

Marvel Madness Sale!

March 24th, 2014
Marvel Madness is here! We're taking a whopping 50% off 10 select costumes!


Cosmic Penta Boosts are Back!

March 24th, 2014
Cosmic Penta Rush Boosts are back for this week! Cosmic Penta Rush Boosts offer increased Experience Gain, Rare Item Find, Special Item Find, Credit Find, and Orb Attraction Range lasting 4 HOURS. They even stack like our Rush Energy Bars! Hurry and grab yours before they go away!


and lastly

Team-Up Presale Starting 4 Pack now available!

March 25th, 2014
The wait is over. Team-Ups are finally here! Recruit your favorite hero to fight with you against Doctor Doom and Loki. The first wave of Team-Ups includes Spider-Man, Falcon from the upcoming Marvel film, Firestar and Magik.




Doomsaw GazillionLocationPanthernadoStaff


Talked with Austin just now.
Price of team ups changed to 750, 550 and 350 Gs. (G Store changes only)
Initial team ups launched as:
Falcon and Firestar = 750 G
Spider-Man and Magik = 550 G
(All of them have new voice acting

Have more questions on team ups ?
Post in this thread and they will add more details to this official FAQ:

source:Marvel and it's forum

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