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Default Re: The X-FORCE Official Thread

Think they are talking about these quotes from Lifeld. Though I don't think he's confirming X-Force is that mystery movie.

X-Force not a rumour, script complete, paid for by Fox. Excellent. RT @CBR: What Is Fox's Mystery Marvel Movie?
Fox has made a HUGE financial investment in X-Men Days of Future Past in order to catch Disney/Marvel branded films....This has given Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg greater importance and voices within the framework of X-Men development going forward.

The good news is that X-Men DOFP success will yield more X-Films and by attrition alone, Cable, Deadpool and X-Force will eventually emerge
Also, there is serious movement in the executive suites at Fox, a new boss will soon emerge and hopefully he/she will realize that...
Both Deadpool and X-Force are valuable IP's that a studio like Universal or Paramount would pay top dollars to acquire on their schedule.

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