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Default Re: The Cyclops Problem

Cyclops should be in Apocalypse. A young Cyke fresh out of high school forced to become a great leader when Wolverine and Beast aren't cutting it for whatever reason is a compelling story. IMO, he's the leader, he should be the POV character and somebody able to keep Wolverine in line. And for the record, after Apocalypse, Sinister is the obvious villain. Cyclops is his arch enemy in the comics not just because of their history together but because Cyclops is the only guy who can plot and scheme nearly as well and always has a backup plan if Sinister gets involved.

For instance, if the X-Men have just defended the X-Mansion from Sentinels, Cyclops is ready for a Marauder attack. He and Sinister are stuck in the endless duel of wits and both trying to outsmart one another. That rivalry needs to be played up for all its worth.

Also, given what people reacted to with Juggernaut last time, what if one of his lines in a Deadpool spin-off is, "I'm not Justin Bieber *****, I'm the JUGGERNAUT!"
Because it's still a call back to My Way Entertainment and X3 but also to Gunther.

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