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Default Re: The Sentinels - Part 1

Originally Posted by RikePirado View Post
They are mainly made of plastic, but they have electronic parts:

About the future ones, I have no idea if Magneto can control them, I guess he can, but he might not have fully recovered his powers. He is also old.
And they are supposed to have magnetic shields too:
Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
The shot of the Sentinel's flying next to Magneto in the trailer is misleading - FilmNerdJamie confirmed as much a couple days ago.

The Sentinels - both past and present - have magnetic shield boost capabilities so that renders Magneto useless against them. Not to mention, it also sounds like future Sentinels have the ability to mimic mutant abilities.

So yea, everyone is screwed.
Thanks for the answer!!!

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