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Default Re: Wolverine 3 - March 3, 2017

I've honestly never been enamored with X-23,so I don't really care for them to go there.(but I wouldn't be surprised if they did)

But yeah,my top 5:

5.Explain what's up with Sabertooth.It seems like an unresolved issue in the series.
4.Omega freakin' Red.Just go all out.Make him a beast.
3.I'd really rather Rogue be the side kick.Would be nice to take things full circle.I really liked Yukio,but she seems limited in potential.She can use a sword and can see people's death. Use her in a bit part maybe.
2.He's gotta have the Adamantium claws.
1.Put Hugh in the suit!It's about time.Find a reason to have it in at least one scene.It can't be that much a challenge,can it?

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