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Default Re: Captain America 3 = Cap's Kooky Quartet?

That's a cool idea. The only problem is it might feel too much like an avengers movie and steal the thunder from Cap and his usual rooster of allies, and after TWS he's gonna have a few returning as it is. That said perhaps we could see Cap and his Kooky Quartet as kind of a bookend for the story? Perhaps an opening action scene unrelated to the main story so that the meat of the story would be Cap and his allies but also allowing to showcase and acknowledge that Cap is now just part of but hopefully leader of the Avengers. Then perhaps have Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Hawkeye appear if needed or necessary but for the most part it should be and standalone Cap film if it's gonna be Cap 3.

As for the idea of seperate non Avenger team up films, HELL YES!! The more the better if possible. If they are going to do a Cap and his kooky quartet it should be it's own film. And I would be there to see it of course. I'd also like to see some other team ups like and Iron man/Captain America crossover under a Tales of Suspense banner. I'd like to see stuff like that, maybe perhaps not till phase 4. They could double up some of the regulars who have their own trilogies under their belt to free up more room for new properties, characters, team movies, etc.

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