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Post Re: Best Specified Cast for Iron Man 4 and How it will be more Fun

now for the rest of the specified cast

Ty Sympkins as Harley

Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan

Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery (the fake but also failed Mandarin)

Scoot McNairy as Jackson Norris (Member of the Ten Rings loyal to the Mandarin)

If there is anyone who deserves to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's fourth Iron Man film with the Mandarin and his Ten Rings soldiers it's Jackson Norris because after seeing Soot McNairy on his performance in the Marvel One Shot for helping Marvel put an end to the irritating 9 month Aldrich Killian inconveniance by confirming that the real Mandarin is still alive, not yet introduced and real, McNairy is more than welcome to reprise his role in the fourth Iron Man film if all goes according to what is specified in this thread because we owe him that much for putting an end to this nine month nightmare

If anyone asks why I have decided to stop on betting Kingsley on becoming the actual ring powered Mandarin in future films depite the twist in Iron Man 3 it's because of the actor's resemblance to the Madarin in the comics I was too fond of that resemblance but now after seeing Sean Penn in two of the films he co-starred in, not only did he share a facial resemblance to both Ben Kingsley and the Mandarin in the comics but also his tone of voice sounds like Kingsley as the Mandarin in the first half of Iron Man 3 and after watching the Marvel One Shot "All Hail the King", that's when I realized that I have been such a fool betting on Kingsley to retake the title of the Mandarin. So that is when I realized that instead of wasting time being stuck on wanting Kingsley to become the actual Mandarin that we know from the comics, it's best to put our hopes onto having the character be properly reintroduced and portrayed be someone younger, taller and resembles both Kingsley and the Mandarin as well as having a similar tone of voice to pull off doing the real version of the Mandarin in the future Marvel Cinematic films.

Surely none of this has been confirmed yet but if some of you are right on all or most of my cast suggestions, feel free to help get this over to Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios while there is still time before anymore updates on the film is announced.

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