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Default Re: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

This movie is awful. In every sense of the word. I liked the design of the Surfer and the FF costume themselves. But my goodness, the plot of this movie makes absolutely no sense. Alba is awful in this movie and looks like an alien. The film mostly centers around Johnny Storm's struggle about how hard it is to be a man who is rich and gets all the women he wants, and I just can't find myself ever feeling bad. They try to salvage Doom by making him more "sciency" but even so, he gets beat like a punk. I mean seriously, the combined 4 can't touch him, but Super Skrull Johnny beats him in 2 seconds....WHAT! The Surfer was created by Galactus, who can devour planets, yet he easily beats his master? WEAK! Also, making the Surfer's weakness being seperated from the board may have sounded good in principle, but it just nerfs his power and doesn't make him as threatening. The film tries to build stakes, but I never feel threatened because all of the "threats" end very shortly after they're introduced.

Film has 1 or 2 funny bits. Outside of that, this is easily one of the worst big budget CBM's ever produced.

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