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Default Re: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Originally Posted by Dagenspear View Post
The hostility isn't very nice. And there was a clear structure to the cloud. The idea as I understood it was that Tim knew he couldn't do Galactus as he wanted to, so he gave the go ahead for the cloud to have a structure to leave it open for future films to do it in a way that he thought was properly. Excuse me for assuming that I'm not the only one who listens to audio commentaries. I thought this was common knowledge.
It doesn't matter what the director says when the plot point isn't explained within the confines of the movie itself. Do you think most of the general audience listens to a DVD Commentary? No, for most people, if it isn't in the movie then it doesn't exist. The movie never makes that claim about Galactus-cloud being a ship, therefore that idea isn't in actuality how it worked. Especially since that series will never be continued, so the fact it was Galactus or a ship is moot. No writer will ever expand upon this possibility or anything. To the audience, the story is over and Galactus died. Nothing says otherwise.

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