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Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
The Cop chase in Rises was as vanilla as it comes with regards to car chases. There's no action, drama, or adrenaline to it.

The one in Begins was supposed to show Batman being reckless. It makes a point of it when he returns home and Alfred chews him out over it, saying it's a miracle nobody was killed. It was supposed to show him acting out of order. But it was a big spectacle chase. Exciting and full of variety. The one in Rises was plain Jane.
Totally agree. There's not much that's particularly memorable about the TDKR chases (either the batpod one or the flying Bat one). The only thing that stands out is Batman jumping the pod off of that truck ramp, and that's small potatoes compared to flipping a semi or driving on rooftops.

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