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Regarding memorable moments, TDKR's lack-of-them really made me appreciate the ones in BB and TDK more, and even notice ones that I didn't notice originally.

A personal complaint I kinda had with the first two Nolan films were the lack of more iconic Batman shots - things BTAS used to do all the time. I really wanted to see Batman use more batarangs, have more awesome poses, overall just more "comic booky" stuff. Stuff the film didn't really need - and it's not like it had zero of those things to begin with - but would have been neat to see.

Then TDKR comes out and I share the same belief. But then I went back to BB and TDk and, all of a sudden, there were so many I could spot. It was really weird. Even something as simple as Batman gliding on his cape and seeing the Bat-Signal in the sky were just so visually "awe"ing. Heck, the scene with Batman visiting Harvey in the hospital and leaving the coin...that's a classic Batman scene. The way it's shot, the way Harvey stands there scarred, the way Batman puts down the coin and then leaves, it's all very comic booky. It feels very familiar, very Batman-like.

In some really weird twisted way, TDKR heightened made me see the first two in new light, even though I already really liked them in the first place.

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