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Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Exactly. You just explained it yourself why it doesn't make sense. Only part you missed is he slows the car down, with the rookie asking him why.

In Returns, Batman was a known hero and ally of the GCPD for years. In Rises, Batman is a publicly known criminal to everyone but Gordon, with a body count of 6 people, who suddenly just vanished after being hunted down. They even had wanted posters of him. It makes sense in Returns' context, but not in Rises'. But of course everyone went crazy over it because it was from TDK Returns.

So yeah, even though it's taken from the comics, it doesn't actually make any sen....wait, never mind. I almost forgot I'm an apparent fanboy whose entire beef with the film is that it isn't like the comics. Never mind, that line is awesome .
I explained what? How did anything i said NOT make sense? Im not understanding you obviously. The cop hasn't seen him in 8 years and tells the cop that he's in for something special tonight....and that doesn't make sense to you? Allllriiiiighty then..

Your second paragraph makes no sense to me, what are you trying to say? What doesnt make sense in the context of Rises?

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