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the chase in TDKR like the majority of the movie just feels like a missed opportunity...
first off the music is amazing, as is the very first part of his return with the incident in the tunnel..

after that it falls apart, somehow bats gets ahead of thug on the bike, has enough time to set the bike up perpendicular to the bad guys' direction of travel to knock him off....and seemingly blindsides him.... I can accept the whole "things only exist when theyre in the frame of the camera" in films like the good the bad and the this series it just fails.
Also if they were going to ape the Dark Knight Returns at least do like the book did and have a montage of reports coming in reporting "batman-like" to the big reveal a little more effectively.

As far as Batman Begins, I love the chase except that I wish theyd have a wider shot of the Tumbler speeding around..theres a few closeups with the tumbler at full speed weaving through traffic..I wanted more, it really is an impressive beast...also one cop is shown on the radio in various different makes no sense for it to be the same guy.

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