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Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Memorable moments in the Begins chase:

- The Tumbler pancaking Cop cars
- Driving on rooftops
- Flipping over Cop cars
- Going stealth mode
- Blowing up a wall on the building rooftop then charging off it
- The general choreography of it screeching through the streets, making sharp turns around corners etc

Memorable moments in the TDK chase

- SWAT truck knocked into the river
- Joker destroying Cop cars with his rocket launcher
- The Tumbler's arrival and taking out the garbage truck
- The destruction of the Tumbler
- The birth of the Bat-Pod
- Helicopter knocked out of the air
- Joker's truck flip

Memorable moments in TDKR chase

- Bat-Pod speed jumps over the truck

There is no stand out moments in the TDKR chase apart from that one part. Whereas the chases of BB and TDK had several stand out moments. TDK's chase being the best one of the trilogy.
You listed the things that were standout to you. I dont need crazy stunts for a chase scene to be memorable. The music, the chase itself, the reactions of the other characters, made it very exciting for me. A lot more than Begins which i really enjoyed but always felt like it only happened because WB told Nolan they needed a chase scene with the batmobile. The rooftop scene, as enjoyable as it was is no different than a scene that could have been in a Shumacher movie.

The point of the Rises chase, what was on the line...the stakes were much higher than Begins.

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