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Default Re: Cap 3 has a release date

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I actually hope none of them move. Its going to be interesting.
It'd be a bad move for all parties involved.

Originally Posted by Nilso View Post
I think another way you compete with MOS2: BvS ft WW is simple. Give it one of these titles to end the trilogy:

The Death of Captain America

Captain America: Fallen Son


Captain America: Liberty Falls

You just make the movie the death of cap or supposed death and it will sell itself.

If you really wanted to stick it to WB/DC this would be huge.

You just say you're releasing Cap 3 on that Date then give it the title:

Captain America: Civil War

You make it with more than Cap and make it more Avengers 2.5.

That would be amazing!
Good thing Evans is signed on through Avengers 3, which will come after Captain America 3, because Fallen Son for Cap 3 is a terrible idea.

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