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Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Obviously. But it would be a falsity to suggest the majority of fans don't find most or all of those things memorable and contributing factors to the greatness of those scenes. They are the adrenaline pumping moments and wow factors.

The chase literally involved Batman doing a cool jump over a truck, then making a direct bee line down a street with a herd of Cops behind him, nothing happening at all just straight forward driving, where he then turns into an alley way and makes an easy escape in The Bat. That's it.

That chase was as dull as they come. The reactions of the characters? Like what? What was so great about the character reactions here? The only one I thought had any value was Gordon's, because he has a history with Batman from the previous movie so Batman's returning actually meant something to him, and even then it was just a little quick low key smile as lay in bed watching the TV.

The Dark Knight Returns Cop reaction was a cool little nod to the comic, but it hardly made the chase memorable on the whole.

The Begins chase felt like it had much more purpose than Rises. In Begins we saw Bruce show disregard for human lives, and how easy he was slipping away into this Batman persona or "Monster" as Alfred called it. It showed much higher stakes with Rachel's dying and Batman having to get her to the Batcave on time. It also showed us how effective the Tumbler was.

Not to mention it was referenced in TDK when Reese recognized the Tumbler from pancaking Cop cars on the evening news.

What purpose did Rises' one serve? Diddly squat. Even Alfred says that. "You led a bloated Police force a merry chase with a load of fancy new toys from Fox".

Yeah that was really meaningful with high stakes.

What was on the line? Batman getting caught? Same thing was on the line in the Begins chase, only in the Begins chase Rachel's life was also on the line. Ergo the stakes were higher in Begins one.
Bravo, good sir.

All you need do is look at the post chase Bruce/Alfred scenes in both BB and TDKR to see which one actually had higher stakes.

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
He thought he was a good guy? I didnt see the scene where he said that.

If I see Ted Bundy come out of nowhere, i'm not gonna excitedly shout "Boy, are you in for a show tonight" to the nearest person. Then, he chatsizes his partner about shooting at Bats. That cop was clearly a fan of Batman.

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