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Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
He thought he was a good guy? I didnt see the scene where he said that. Plus im sure not everybody in the city thinks he's a bad guy. Just like im sure not every German citizen was down with Hitler. You'll have people who dont buy into it but they wont say anything or question authority out of fear or ignorance. That's why Blake is there. He questions those things.
He slowed down and said the kid's in for a show tonight, implying he knows Batman has it taken care of (much like in the book). And it would have been fine had they addressed that in the film regarding the police's perception, but they never do. The guy's just like "Hey look, it's Batman. Yay."

Yes, Blake does question Batman's supposed "murders", but they never establish there are conspiracy theories going around or anything like that. It comes off entirely as everyone buying into the lie except for the great golden boy John Blake who is so wise and so destined for greatness.

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