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Default Re: 1941-2016: 75 Years of Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman: Greatest Super-Heroine Ever?

At the same time, though, there’s something a little depressing about the extent to which that love seems unearned. Whatever you think of the original Wonder Woman stories (and, again, I like them a lot more than Hanley does), at this point she isn’t much more than a corporate marketing icon and, perhaps, a nostalgia-tinged memory of a mediocre television show. “She isn’t a great character despite her contradictions, but because of them,” Hanley declares in his conclusion — but the vast bulk of his book actually suggests that she isn’t an especially great character at all, if “great character” means appearing in worthwhile stories or even appealing to large numbers of people. Love can elevate pop culture detritus, but it seems like the bland logic of marketing and pop culture legacy memes can wash out passion as well. ”Wonder Woman Unbound” demonstrates how much an engaged author can do with indifferent material. But it also made me wish that we’d demand more from the icons to which we grant our affection.
I have to agree with this article, Wonder Woman strikes me as being an icon on the basis that she's an icon. I don't actually get the love for the character, where she is implied as the ultimate of female superheroines. It's some sort of travesty that WB has not yet done a WW movie (they've actually already done supergirl and catwoman). I do see art for WW in all sorts of places though. I walked into a hipster paintstore a while back, and there was a Wonder Woman painting for $300. In a bar I frequent, the men's room has a painting of Lex Luthor, and the ladies' room a painting of Wonder Woman. My cousin dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween ... so I guess the public cares.

Just from American comic books, I'd be more interested in seeing movies for the Supergirl and Hawkgirl. Diana wasn't interesting in JLU, then again neither were Clark or Bruce... admittedly the rule of thumb for the JL cartoons is that the most famous characters were the least interesting... "The Question" was the most fun character on the show. Aside from that, I'm more excited for Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch than I am for Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, in spite of being a DC fan.

Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, Buffy Summers, Alex Mack, and Sailor Moon were the most interesting female heroines on TV. I expect that none of them will ever get a movie.

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