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Default Re: 1941-2016: 75 Years of Wonder Woman

Originally Posted by SofNascimento View Post
It's important to note this is the truth of pretty much every superhero save for Superman, Batman and Spider Man, maybe another one or two there.
Heck, Iron Man wasn't heard of at all until 2008. 999/1000 people could tell you Spider-Man got bit from a spider. Superman disguises as Clark Kent and comes from Krypton. And all about Batman.

But the level of WW's recognition which is right at the top with Superman and Batman just doesn't balance with how little is known about her. She's just the female Superman to most people.

My point still stands. It's just so odd to have a character that's so well known, just not really be known. And it's a really enviable position of Zack Snyder to actually introduce this character for the first time to this generation. Give a voice to the character everyone can instantly recognize.

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