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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
I really disliked Loki in the first film, in TDW he was much more entertaining. The comedy in the first film annoyed me to no end, however, most of the one in the 2nd film was on-spot for me. I lean more towards Thor: The Dak World.

I guess some of the reasons why i enjoyed Thor less was also because i read the script before going to watch it, and was already tired of the soundtrack. In the end, i think both needed more time to improve their scripts.
I think the script for Thor was fine. The only issue they really could have used fixing on was the time frame. The movie took place in 2 days. That was probably the biggest issue conceptually. TDW seemed like it went into production before they could iron everything out. Thor was stronger conceptually. TDW you could tell didn't know what the primary focus of the film was. The pieces are there, they just don't let them grow the way the arcs for Thor and Loki were allowed to in the first film.

But, as I said earlier, TDW looked far more visually engaging than Thor did. Asgard in Thor was tiny. All of like 5 rooms. Asgard was bigger in TDW (felt like a realm), it had wider shots that showcased the landscape of the land (most of Thor was tight/claustrophobic shots). All around just looked better.

I couldn't disagree more on Loki in the first film. In the first film, Loki was a very complex character. He was in TDW as well, but his fall into darkness and his ultimate plan said a lot about his character. You can see what drove him to evil very easily. To this point, Loki in the first Thor probably stands as the best overall villain in an MCU film.

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