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Default Re: 1941-2016: 75 Years of Wonder Woman

Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
Honestly... Yeah. Wonder Woman is pop art iconography these days. And that's it. People recognize her. That's it. I guarantee 999/1000 people could not tell you her origin if you asked.

Even weirder is most writers/artists that have worked on her in the last 74 years really didn't even get the character and what William Marston was doing. So they just sanitized her into a female Superman. Even worse is what she's become now to differentiate her again. It must say something about our culture these days when a character that in her inception was this ambassador for love and compassion and alternative sexuality (oh my god how scary for so many people here) has now become the GOD OF WAR.
Holy crap, man, that is one profound analysis. I love how you contextualize the current characterization of Wonder Woman with the contemporary glorification of the military (at least that's how I interpret your argument).

Originally Posted by Smallville13 View Post
The general public's knowledge of the character will be updated in 2016 though. It's really on Zack Snyder to decide how he will represent the character for most people in the world. I hope he does his research thoroughly. But I'm willing to bet we'll get a sword-swinging, killing Xena (which strangely enough will please alot of feminists here).
You're probably right. Honestly, I expect the portrayal of Wonder Woman in the 2016 film to echo her characterization in Justice League: War. That is, she will be Generic Badass Warrior Woman -- since that is both the most marketable interpretation, the most obvious for male screenwriters, and the one that will demand the least from a relatively unseasoned actress like Gadot.

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