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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique: Oscar Winner Edition - Part 1

Originally Posted by GuestStar2004 View Post
Even though he then asked them all to join him after charles was shot? so really he didn't just have his eye on her, in the end he wasn't grooming her through out the film, there were scenes where he said some stuff to her to stop hiding but there was no sense of he was secretly grooming her so when it came to it she would be all over him and he could take her away because he wouldn't really know if she would walk away from charles for him

i think its just because we know she went with him in FC and the way mystique was always with magneto in the OT thats its easy to forget that
IAWTC. I lean against thinking he was "grooming" her or had some sort of dishonest motives in his interactions with her. Yes, he had a certain viewpoint and he wanted to convince her (or anyone he could) of it, but I don't think his endgame was to lure her to his side when he broke with Charles (something he didn't even want to do). It just happened.

I do agree that him not throwing her back at the beach with the others was significant. And I do think he may have been partly calculating to win her to his side at that point, but I also think he didn't throw her back simply because he was confident she wouldn't attack him based on their previous interactions. He knew she was already sympathetic towards him.

But I can see how this is all open to interpretation. And I'll be curious to see how DoFP explains Raven as seeming to be the one who's more "hardcore" in the human vs mutant fight, since I never got the sense that side of things appealed to her. I think she went with Erik in FC more because she liked his "mutant and proud" angle that made her feel valued for who she was than because she agreed with his political and strategic goals.

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