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Default Re: Best Iron Man 4 and 5 Villains and Plot Ideas

Originally Posted by Chris B View Post
These are very good ideas. The only suggestion that I would make is have IM6 be when Tony finally faces off against the real MCU Mandarin.
Originally Posted by Lord View Post
DrCosmic, aside from Iron Man 6 which you don't seem to have planed as well as the other ones those are some awesome ideas. But i think Marvel will go for the real Mandarin in IM 4, RDJ may walk out after IM 4 or even 5, so they're probably going to be in a rush to fastforward his confrontation with the real Mandarin.

I hope Tony's character starts to get darker, this way the next actor won't end up being branded as a RDJ wannabe and some storylines like Demon in a Bottle can be explored.
So I've got my Iron Man 6 now. Partly inspired by the OP.

Iron Man 6

Iron Man has rebooted himself against Count Nefaria and the Maggia, as well as taken on his past with Ezekiel Stane and the Five Nightmares/IM Rogues Gallery. Now we set up a future indefinite status quo with Iron Man 6.

In a new take on the Illuminati storylines, Tony is given one of the Ten Rings, and offered to meet with mysterious, cloaked possibly uncredited real Mandarin, and teams up with the other remaining Ring-holders (Raza is dead, Tony gets Stane's ring, Madame Masque inheirited Count Nefaria's, Hammer broken out of jail?) led by Temugin, son of the Mandarin, to uncover this great treasure that could change humanity. What they find is not just a cache of prehistoric technology, but an ancient psuedo-technological dragon that guards it (or is the best of it), one they have unleashed on the world. Temugin and Stark and the rest of the Ten Rings team up to apparently destroy the dragon.

Fing Fang Foom turns out to be incredibly intelligent and remorselessly vicious, it devastates Tony's world and life, and takes over the Ten Rings. When Tony goes to the others for help, Temugin is revealed to actually be the Mandarin himself, and wants to control Fing Fang Foom, and he does. Stark pulls out all the stops, breaks down an ancient scroll in order to (re)create the technovore virus to defeat Fing Fang Foom and the ten ring holders, all the rings, now implanted with ancient alien tech, are now in the possession of the true Mandarin.

Temugin: Ken Watanabe. Because he should've been the real Ra's Al Ghul too. Also, he's a really cool dude. If they want to play with the whole 'Tony thinks he's mentoring someone' it could easily be played by someone younger as well. This Temugin would be more savvy and tech serious, and less shaolin monk. Kinda like the Armored Adventures, except, y'know, not a teenager at all.

The "Real" Mandarin: Could be uncredited guy in a deep cloak. Could ALSO be Ben Kingsley as Trevor-Slattery-pretending-that-Trevor-Slattery-was-just-an-act-at-the-Mandarin's-request. Depends if Kingsley is available.

Fing Fang Foom: Someone unexpected to do a voice. Someone like "I can't believe that deep menacing dragon voice was this guy!"

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