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Default Re: 1941-2016: 75 Years of Wonder Woman

Anyone here ever read Stephenson's CRYPTONOMICON? He makes a nice point of putting a lampshade on something in Greek mythology. Ares is the god of War. Athena is also the goddess of War, along with wisdom, and crafts (tecnology as Stephenson argues convincingly to my mind). So, why the redundancuy? Well, as he frames it, Ares is really not that well thought of in the world of Greek myths. Even though he's the begotten son of Zeus and Hera he's not really presented well in the myths. He's never shown to be particularly noble or bright. Also his offsping in the world of mortals may at best be termed mass murders at worst, serial killers. There are a few stories of certain of the well known heroes having to confront and kill these nasty children of Ares with the help of Athena. Ares as Stephenson puts it was the mythological incarnation of the mindless agression and brutality of war. It's interrsting then that so often in these myths the truly great heroes of Greek myth have a relationship with the goddess of wisdom, war and technology. Athena (sprung fully from Zeus' head after he consumed the Titaness Metis, another way of saying "wisdom" I might add) seems to represent the cunning and wisdom required to properly wield the forces of war for the greater good, and not just the mindless abject destruction of Ares.

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