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Default Re: 1941-2016: 75 Years of Wonder Woman

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
Ares, when not approaching Diana of his own volition, was found at a warzone and terrorist attack.

and whe talking about war itself "well, we do what we can to keep the world spinning" "open your eyes and see what they hold the world will be ruled by war. It's inevitable"
Yet he wasn't provoking any of the said conflicts and attacks. He was just there. His relationship with war is not entirely defined, but it's been pointed more than once in this run that the gods are a reactive force, and not an active one. War himself said this in the same dialogue you quoted above:

"Brother [Apollo], our fate, it's not up to us. It's always been in mortal hands, open your eyes...".

He also said this in the same issue: "No war... that's a grand idea". Although it's hard to say what he meant by that. But from the continuation of the dialogue, I'd say that in the least he doesn't believe that possible.

Ares is Wonder Woman is a tired god. He used to see the "good" parts of War. Honor, glory, self-sacrifice... and in his view those things are gone from modern warfare. That's why he seeks someone to take his mantle, he doesn't want it anymore.

And some quotes from him "Thine enemies must be eliminated, lest they return for thine own head! Revenge is not an option to leave a foe!"
And what's the meaning of this? It's not to promote violence, quite the opposite. We could argue the merit of stopping violence by using violence, but that's the underline principle that guides War. But don't take my words for it: "The purpose of war is to end conflict. You must strike".

Sounds like war is War's job.
It is, but not in the way most people would think. As I already stated, this god of war doesn't see war as a way to spread misery, destruction or even more conflict. He is also not the driving force of human conflict, more like an observer.

With all that in mind, Diana take on the role is open. She can be many different things, and have different views of how warfare should be seeing. I believe I already said she could have a "peace through strength" attitude, like the romans, that for all the wars they fought, they also created on the most peaceful periods in european history.

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