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Default Re: The Danny Elfman Appreciation Thread

Good Will Hunting (as well as Men In Black) was the movie that finally gave Elfman some Oscar recognition back in ‘98’. It was sort of a game changer for him. Since he really didn’t get much opportunities to score films like this at the time. But GWH opened doors for Elfman in that genre ( “A Simple Plan”, “A Civil Action“, “Anywhere But Here“, “The Family Man”, etc.). This is also the score that set the bar for his more unconventional and minimalist approach to Van Sant films (such as Restless and Promised Land). The score on the recent Music Box Records release is about 30 minutes long. Most of the cues are brief like less than a minute. And a few cues are a little over a minute. Only four tracks are over 2 minutes long (“Main Title”, "Mystery Math", “Whose Fault”, and “End Title”). That’s probably b/c it shares the soundtrack with the Elliot Smith songs, which play an important role in the film if I recall. I still thought Elfman was able to tell enough with the short cues. Might be another story for other listeners. The score doesn’t necessarily carry the movie like say his scores to both of Burton’s Batman films, Black Beauty, or Edward Scissorhands did, but GWH isn’t a film that calls for as much score as those had. Elfman’s music comes in moments of conflict and resolution in the story, which is basically the right moments or moments that call for the score. It also mirrors Will Hunting’s inner demons and struggles in life. And the bond between him and his shrink played by Robin Williams.The main motif/theme performed mostly on pennywhistle brings an Irish feel to the score, which is obviously reflects the Boston attitude Will and his friends share throughout the movie. It’s mostly a pleasant score with brief moody moments in between. It brings a little more heart to this coming of age story. Recommended to those who appreciate Elfman’s more dramatic and mature side.

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