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Default Re: 1941-2016: 75 Years of Wonder Woman

Originally Posted by SofNascimento View Post
Yes, #29 is already out. I'll won't spoil anything, but the next issues will certainly bring a lot to this discussion.
Indeed it will. I just put it was highly enjoyable. What a great read however issue #30 will definitely polarize viewpoints here based on the prior comments.

In her rich 75 year long history Wonder Woman's evolutionary arch has made several shifts, and rightfully so. As sentient beings we must learn to adapt in order to grow and change with each passing experience. Although there has been some dramatic (if not questionable) changes in how the character responds to any given situation, at the core however Wonder Woman's message has truly remained. Simply because you take up arms doesn't make you a war monger but rather it's the necessary evil that allows ones message to be heard from an even wider platform. For some the message of peace can only be heard through the cries of war...but in that moment, what better way to show your enemy the folly of their ways than through personal experience.

"If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner." - Nelson Mandela

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