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Default Re: Worst X-Men Movie?

Origins started off really well. Liked the opening montage of Logan and Creed fighting through the different wars. The "team X" scenes were cool. Really liked Wade Wilson's scenes. The part where he goes into the room and is cutting all the bullets out of the air was cool as hell. Jackman and Schrieber give great performances. But after that opening 30 minutes the film just goes to hell.

X-3 had some great scenes. Like at Jean's house and Magneto raising the Golden Gate Bridge over to Alcatraz. Kelsey Grammer's Beast was awesome. But it tried to cram the cure and the Phoenix story lines into one 90 minute movie which was a huge mistake. Unsurprisingly 90% of the characters were just wasted and were nothing but card board cut outs with different powers.

Both are bad as each other, for different reasons.

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