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Default Re: Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey & Tao Okamoto Join Superman/Batman Movie

"Newly created characters" really throws me off. I don't buy it. Maybe it's characters not seen in film/live action before. If that's the case, Holly Hunter would be my Leslie Thompkins, and if not, maybe Lex Luthor's mother (Lillian Luthor)? Kind of like a Gertrude or a Lady Macbeth who sort of persuades Lex into committing evil acts from behind the scenes - or maybe his mother when Lex is younger in flashbacks?. (I'm sort of thinking of Moira from Arrow when I think of "Evil mom".)

I don't know - I wouldn't waste a caliber-name like Holly Hunter on a role that ISN'T known from the comics. Seems like a waste. Even Richard Schiff got to be a comic book character, and he was in MOS for less than 5 minutes, AND he doesn't have an Oscar. Hunter is arguably in the same group of talent as Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Jodie Foster, etc.

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