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Default Re: Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey & Tao Okamoto Join Superman/Batman Movie

Yeah, they could've just as easily said that they were cast in the movie and that's it. That alone would've made us speculate, and say "Huh, I wonder who they're playing?" - And now we're probably speculating even more because we think their "new characters" statement is bogus. It's pretty obvious that this was a strategic press release.

I mean, with TDKR, making a big announcement that Marion Cotillard is going to play "Miranda Tate" and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is going to play "John Blake" automatically sounds fishy. There are so many goddamn Batman characters throughout 70 years of history, it would be nonsensical and silly to just make up NEW main characters at random. They "sort of" did with Blake, but I understand the strategy there and it's smart.

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