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Default Re: NO more Transformers movies please....for 100 years!

Originally Posted by knowsbleed View Post
People go to ALL movies to be entertained... that doesn't make them the horrible pieces of utter crap that are the Transformer movies.
I'm sure that there are some awful movies that you liked.

I enjoyed TF1 and TF3. I know that these are not masterpieces of storytelling ... however, I see them as ganged-up upon, and I'm under-impressed. There are some far worse or comparably poorly-written movies that have done better and even much better critically: Thor 2, Star Trek into Darkness, Contagion, etc.

When it's "cool" to hate something, that's when it's no longer smart to hate something.

If you want to prove how smart you are, don't go around telling everybody that your IQ is just too damn high to enjoy Transformers... instead, provide an analysis explaining its popularity, or, don't feel the need to prove anything, that's ok too.

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