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Default Re: NO more Transformers movies please....for 100 years!

As long as Michael Bay lives, there should be TF movies, and he should at least be producing them. Because I want Michael Bay to be contained somehow, and at the same time many people like those movies.

I thought TF1 was okayish, and the rest of them crap. But I watched them anyway. Somehow, sometime I will also watch TF4 and most likely think it sucks. In any case Michael Bay wins.

Bay has actually made one movie I really liked. The Island.

About TF fans, I like those bastards. They're not the ones waging the studio wars or whining all over the place. Seems like they're the exact opposites of fanboys, because I never see/hear them raving about how great these movies are or how everyone else is an idiot for not thinking like them. They just like to watch robots, boobs and explosions and I can't find anything wrong with those things.

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