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Default Re: Is everything copying TDK?

Originally Posted by Dark Guardian View Post
Skyfall and the Avengers stand out the most as straight lifting the 'bad guy deliberately gets captured so he can mess up the base' plan. In Skyfall it actually made very little sense, as it wasn't like he needed to get into the base or anything. Accomplishing his goal of killing M would have been just as easy had he completely avoided Bond and just showed up at the hearing.
At least with Loki he (like the Joker) had a reason to be caught.

But really it's pretty sad that you see such an innovative idea, and immediately some big movies start copying it.
So you're implying that TDK was the first movie to have the villain let himself be captured? Do me a favour lol

Hell Return of the Jedi did it but with the hero instead of the villain. Luke let himself be captured so he could try to persuade his father and confront the Emperor himself.

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