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Default Re: Is everything copying TDK?

I thought Star Trek into Darkness was desperately trying to copy The Dark Knight, and that this explains the movie's failure. They had two villains in the movie, and they tried to have both of them drive the plot but it was a disaster.

The writers said that Khan is to Kirk as the Joker is to Batman, which is absolute nonsense. They have Spock in the movie tell young Spock that Khan will be his greatest enemy, they were trying to say "this is our Joker! this is our Joker!" ... didn't work. Khan sucked.

Starfleet was supposed to be corrupted in the movie in the same way that Gotham was corrupted in the Nolan trilogy, but this was an absolute failure of world-building implementation.

They had the word "Dark" in the title lol, didn't work either.

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