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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by MyKryptonite View Post
I don´t like Jalali´s Twitter Messages. It just seems like advertising Workout-Programs.
He obviously isn´t allowed to post any details, no photos or information about Ben´s Weight, Bodyfat or other stats, but it would be awesome if he could post a photo of ben standing with his back towards him in the half-shadow, so his frame is visible and as impressive as he always try to convince us of.
It doesn´t even have to be something as revealing as the way they did with bane, some simple instagram-photo would be enough.
I've followed his workouts and posts on and stuff since I heard of him when Ben Affleck did "The Town". He is a guy that knows his stuff, and he is just about that. Working out and his workout programs. He has never really had much to do with hyping a movie or anything like that. He is the type of guy people follow when they want to find out what workout program/diet a celebrity followed for a movie. Not someone that would give updates or anything like that to hype up a movie.

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