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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by MyKryptonite View Post
I don´t like Jalali´s Twitter Messages. It just seems like advertising Workout-Programs.
He obviously isn´t allowed to post any details, no photos or information about Ben´s Weight, Bodyfat or other stats, but it would be awesome if he could post a photo of ben standing with his back towards him in the half-shadow, so his frame is visible and as impressive as he always try to convince us of.
It doesn´t even have to be something as revealing as the way they did with bane, some simple instagram-photo would be enough.
He doesn't work for WB and isn't part of the marketing plane....of course he is going to advertise himself. If he's not allowed to post pics then he's not allowed to post pics. He's not gonna do as you suggest and take flack for it.

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