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Default Re: Who should be the "Female Lead" in the next film? Agent 13 or Black Widow?

Agent 13. Van Camp was really good. She can carry a bigger role in a next film.

But mainly because I think Black Widow should get her own film at this point. I'm not a huge ScarJo fan, but she's been serviceable, she's an A-list star, and I think the character has more than proved she can carry a solo film.

Plus, this movie was getting crowded and drifting into The Dark Knight Rises territory with all the characters and side plots during the final act. Let Black Widow move on and have her own film.

(This is not btw me suggesting that there should only be one token female "lead" in a film, or any of the MCU films. As a woman I hate that notion. But this film was getting crowded and there were two other amazing ladies in addition to Black Widow -- Maria and Sharon. Let Widow move on.)

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