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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by roach View Post
He doesn't work for WB and isn't part of the marketing plane....of course he is going to advertise himself. If he's not allowed to post pics then he's not allowed to post pics. He's not gonna do as you suggest and take flack for it.
We don't know that. Gym Jones and Mark Twight were very heavily part of the marketing and promo for MOS. The very first pictures online were of Cavill's physique as well as there being a fitness tie-up with National Guard, a special featurette on the training and Cavill (and Twight) giving many interviews about the workouts.

Twight even said that one of the reasons they were clean (steroid free) on MOS because the fitness was a very big part of the marketing push and would have destroyed their campaign.

So I think the fitness thing might be a part of the marketing plane. Though Gym Jones are officially credited in MOS as official training partners. Don't know what kind of leverage or credit Jelali will get.

Also, I get the feeling Affleck and Jelali are doing their own thing and Snyder is not really involved there the way he was with Cavill's training.

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